78 jumping summer carnival
It is Bengt of ..Big.. I in Korakuen Stadium in the height ..doing.. in the summer the pink lady glory period in the midst. In these 70,000 person concerts, enough staging that built self-confidence further by the success in the show held by the United States and Las Vegas inadvertently three months ago finishes being more skilled than this time. The stadium concert becomes on this occasion and any artist has become standard at the beginning doing of Candez the final performance in April, this year as for Korakuen Stadium.
Well, let's enter pink lady's subject. It is first of all the current and it is size of the scale that symbolizes the pink lady boom that the peak of this first furnace is faced that differs in this concert. At that time, how it appeared in the hall for holding in the stadium this and that became a topic. It appears with the helicopter. Were you interested in case of appearance in this pattern that there seemed to have been a story, too?It has thought. UFO exactly. It ..(.. pushes though the pattern of live of this is televised at that time, and it has the memory that I also deliberately saw (summer vacation) by power with terrible opening though it was actual ..laughter..) entrance with the convertible.
Musicians of backing to be on a roll and to appear and to perform the tune of a familiar Seoul train of the theme these to original backing music of hurricane continuously by the number of Sredigrez are surprised to call the usual backing of the pink lady assistance participation the member of Chaccrane & rhythm section that serves as backing to Seoul media that work and terrible this time by that Las Vegas performance. I want to forget the tune that it was on a roll and two sang to backing of the gorgeous member first. It was medley and a loved this Lovi 'N you is killin' me Lovi 'N you is killin' me continuously tune at that time. (Honest Monkey is not understood. whose it is songThe one that is with the manager is miserable . )It often sings and ..
Carnival of jumping summer that started from loved I Love how You Love me.

It was a masterpiece in the staging to which power increased than before. Very very much d Even atmosphere that is not the concert to which it goes only by pop idol's popularity drifts. It was a stage that was able to be thought like the concert of the artist in one-kind foreign countries. Losing temper often announces the eagle and Take a Chance on me of Aba to the pronunciation of English after Harormistarmonke of the arabesque (It was put in B respect of the following single and the pink typhoon) following the hit medley after this while doing the stadium once than before. Fever of the night of number love of Bee Gees, Staying Alive, and love listen to in glittering and the Beatles medley, etc. from the Saturday night that becomes a hit by starring Travolta John fever with dynamic vocal. The idol in Japan such selection and will think it is a little terrible?However, this solo tune live each highest praise. It has listened to the highest singing voice respectively up to now. It is a singing that absolutely becomes a singer when two people are aiming at the singer thought only for being to like song really. Mie lives in this love and (It must be him) Kei is Cheind Tu Yua love. The tune named this It must be him is listened to enough sing enthusiastically for power from it in English as a solo tune this time and exists also in the stage of former though is Mie first of all though sang by two. The high pitched sound polishes originally further though the high pitched sound is Mie of the peculiar characteristic, the singing digestion of the first talking tone also built self-confidence preeminently by the Las Vegas performance or it encounters and it sleeps in the idol when having absorbed it politely and dynamically though it doesn't know. It is a skill as a singer by can the desire. solveThe Americannaized singing digestion is like an artist of the western-style music.

On the other hand, if Kei is effective of the high pitched sound of terrible Mie of and and has it listen deliberately, Kei keeps it pushing to the end by the power of the Tina Turner denunciation. Especially, when it is Kei, the shout to which Dos works :. The solo tune loves one at this jumping how many highest on the one live board. The sea weed of the rhythm is often shout ? of Kime. It is peculiar and such a singing method seems to be the best for Kei in. It is the one that she also still felt a big souvenir an announcement from Las Vegas. Having decided the pink lady's United States debut can nod in this Korakuen Stadium. I think that it was a suitable event for the symbol of the pink lady who progresses greatly. Well, the rehearsal was done in under hot weather though these 70,000 person concerts were held in July, '78 of a busy schedule. Kei with bad health especially thinks that it is still a professional seeming having faced the real thing, and can perform the song that only that is and powerful and the dance because it renews a very limit already limit it. It was a mainspring that the spirit flaps even in the world.

However, when singing with the cathode-ray tube at that time, even the pink lady who can do live like this always has sad memories by can do nothing but the evaluation as the idol of child Chama it. It might be a child that is interested most in the certain singing and the dance. However, it cannot know whether it is the world of Ultra-man and the mask rider, etc. that floats by all means though it is the most difficult point on the side that it evaluates there, and the monster was a new song at that time. Because adults who understand such a thing might have been Cainashi though the truth has the interpretation in a deeper point. The gap with the United States advancement that has been actually done here as the image of the single phonograph record arises. It is all right it thinks the result to be good though whether it was good or was badness cannot be called when turning around now which. Only the pink lady at this time might have been still good at a happy outlook on the world, and I think to be able to debut to the music field of the United States even if the tune that tends to be taken for children is sung is to see through the real thing by it. Still, it assists still why knows to be wonderful of the achievement in the United States and live of this and the and others doesn't become in fans who are assisting in the pink lady of tending to be taken with a past idol.

It is this live album to have collected the highest live such. It is 78JUNPING SUMMER CARNIVAL.
Now, everything introduces is full loading to this album. Complete music subject board without MC collection from opening to ending?Do you say? Many of famous piece of music like will be more terrible if it records and it puts it on the market.
The member of Chaccrane & rhythm section is participating overall, there is a thickness also in the sound of backing, and one piece in the height to which it Notsus and ..departure.. singing voice can be enjoyed.
I want to put on the image still if the desire is said and to listen to this sound though even only the sound is wonderful.
Is it an age?Also for the television just to have finally become a stereo at that time and it was broadcasting only not all but in parts though it was easy now. )(like ground wave digital of the current ..doing massaging it..It was monaural though live of this had been televised. I want to see this image to backing as for the sound digitalized by all means. By the way, the opening film of the regular program pink lady show in the United States was the one when live of this.

77ByeBye Carnival
Entering this year in December and recalling in such a case always though finishing off slowly it twelvemonth are already first recital 77 good bye carnivals in Nippon Budoukan.
It might have been year that was able to have been done too much for next year of the debut such as millions. continuous the first ..pink lady.. place for 77 yearsHowever, the debut by the style that not is before is of equivalent in this.
The attendance of was called a heroic deed after that famous Beatles had performed Nippon Budoukan with a star still all over the world. 13,000 people. It is a very limit number of people that can be accommodated in Nippon Budoukan. Does the following single AI GIRIGIRI exactly mean the pattern at this time?..(.. ..laughter..)What is the concert where memories exist in a concert at that time in two of the pink lady?Mie answers when hearing it as 70,000 person concert in Korakuen Stadium, and Kei answers as the Nippon Budoukan performance of 77 years. The reason for this concert is that should be so that it is likely not to achieve normally.
Kei is hospitalized due to acute appendicitis immediately before this concert is held. As for the hospitalization of ten days, large endured and created a lot of ripples in Cra most in those days. Not to mention concert
The Japan Record Grand Prix at the end of the year and participation in Red and White New Year's Music Special were doubted. This had been described in detail to the autobiography of Kei put on the market the other day, and it was published in a magazine etc. at that time a lot. Kei in hospital was making remarks to the back that the pink lady of Mie one looked very small in media at time when a lot of exposures were, and, after all at that time, the pink lady felt me two because I renewed. This election place is declined by one pink in the FNS songs festival held on December 20. In short, the grand prix chooses and has because it doesn't participate. (At that time, the FNS songs festival also must have the grand prix etc. though young people today might not know. )"Nagisa's Sinbad" in the first place during year wins the best hit prize of the section prize. It was possible to visit not satisfactory but something loneliness for "Nagisa's Sinbad" that Mie one sang with the backing dancer in the stage where Kei did not exist. I keenly felt one for two pink lady cannot demonstrate the charm without reserve half. It is the one that it wished the revival at the early stage of the pink lady and every Kei of the popular hight period. Is it long and 20 if it thinks though it is slightly, and hospitalization of ten days?It is what felt in about one month. This person in question also : haste when it seems not to be able to conceal and the condition is a little good when in hospital. Pepper police inspector Od was seen on the bed. However, it is painful . It makes remarks. (After this episode is heard. Toki of the physical condition ..I.. ..trowing.. is good by way of experiment ..pepper and Wara... It is possible to go. Solving is Wara ..the desire... )Moreover, I said, "Feel nausea at that time ..going out during a day.. even if the channel was twisted of where". At that time, my put standpoint might have been felt strongly. Standpoint of not being permitted in pink lady even if permitted in normal person. Standpoint that everyone is waiting. It is a mission that that is one of the pink ladies advanced on the road of the glory.

Lyrics etc. of the Nippon Budoukan performance at twilight seem to have been passed since in hospital, and was Kei of what thinks by you and looking at a lot of music scores in the bed as for the tune sung quite newly this time?
Such and more and more real things of Nippon Budoukan performance.
Carze is packed while still opened and Kei who put on clothes says that it faced it by the resolution "Do even if having already died here" on that my wound.
A large shout of joy whirlpool surrounds two people who appeared in "A Rock and Roll Girl from Alaska". It is a pink lady after a long time.
Two of the pink lady and the fan combined, and the act in the stage of the age finishing off cut and was dropped.
Everybody Knows Her.We Made It Cast Summer Time.Morning Girl. The highest stage continues getting on a new medley tune of Da Doo Ron Ron. It wraps in new clothes chosen for Chaplin and newborn pink lady's new staging receives the impression to which power improves further. Kei's getting on wants to be sung and might have been dying to be sung though was able to feel even if a live board was passed. Welcome home, and fans put Kei's feelings and send an utmost call to the vicinity.
I guess to Mie though it has touched only Kei one pink might have been painful. Hard schedule. Two..digest..one..alone..become..serious.Miss Mie also was making remarks on "If there was no Kei, it was helpless somehow and forgot lyrics" etc.It is a comment that it is made to think that the pink lady is one by two here.

Well, "Still goodness" and utmost staging is shown if it makes it to this person in question Kei though the stage is also middle, and the wound that packed gauze shouts, "Please end early" aiming at the ending that approaches momently. Announcement of hit?"It returns and youth that doesn't come" that Kei sings to each solo tune has the sound as if a peculiar singing loincloth appealed for suffering when hospitalized about only ten days. It is rock'n'roll medley in the place where fans' tensions rise highest. Another showing place deflecting of the pink lady who starts from Diana is medley of the lock. It did still also in this Nippon Budoukan though medley to make it listen by the highest shout in the concert till then was changed into the stage of the masterpiece. It is indeed recent to have decided the show in the first step Las Vegas of the world class from Japan to the highest entertainment that can be still thought that it is a stage singer rather than the idol. When medley that rolls up the sea weed to the sea weed ends, it approaches the last stage of the stage by the reply of the hit including new song UFO. WooWANTED! To the one without the tension of the fan further either when is decided. I here announce and" (Please see a la carte) the first announces though forget "..love... To ending finally. The voice of "Finally ..ending.." and ..wound that packed the gauze at this time.. pleasure is given. At that time, big tears go along in Kei's cheek. ..carving.. ?Lamplight of barrel?..bite.. ? Did actually feeling that had finished putting on a familiar tune and doing a stage the last in the year in that painful situation wrap Kei in the graduation ceremony here?Overflowing big tears. there is not prospect eitherKei started here again ..the singing.. as it was not easy to change it in what.
World class PINKLADY birth from Japan will be achieved in only several months from this time.

Is does the fire '77 pink lady of the pink lady summer go up, does it exist live about the condition, and the fire according to the tightness of live?!!It is an eve of ..becoming it.. Ra. What do you say from giving a ride to?..(.. ..laughter..)It is live like it. I'm sorry a little in the excitement for very this time. This..live..July..Tokyo..country..Coliseum..starting with..August..whole country..hall..performance..do..exactly..summer vacation..in the midst..whole country..pink..lady..whirlwind..blow hard.The staging that consistently aims at the world from the debut can already catch a glimpse of the piece in this stage. My remaining in the memory took a rest in summer and live of this country Coliseum was broadcast by live and collaboration in Hibiya of Candez. This uniting two pieces has understood the nature from a live album though it was nothing but thought co-starring of a popular idol at that time. It ..Gingin.. keeps it pushing to the end because of the sound with strong lock color from opening. Vocal to which the spice works said by bitterness as a little as the throat of the beer gotten on a sultry night of summer that it is special two singing voice that sings this Braccizbracc tune again and has the charm that permeates through five solid organs and six hollow organs and extends.

The highest staging that can be said the first time in the pink lady with the hit number of OK, the rock'n'roll coaster, and world continues to the Dancing Queen and love. It can be said that the hit is placed, and Ka and a peculiar characteristic each Mie have been made the best use of in the tune where each this "Hotel California" and "Ever Green" of the solo tune has the taste on an inside inside on the way. First of all, it was a topic in solo tune "Hotel California" of Ka to have challenged Yacshi for myself at that time. It sang in English poetry why and it was good-looking though what you sang after crushing the throat was not understood at all. Me multiuses the falsetto of the peculiar characteristic and ..ballade.. sing enthusiastically dexterously. It can be said one with which her heart for singing is fully blocked.
Of course, the sing enthusiastically also of the cover tune of a Sir Duke and others familiar pink lady of love of the Stevie wonder.
Afterwards, the number of Ray Charles who got into the news is used full and the movie of last year is arranged by medley in the pink lady style. The sing enthusiastically.
It might be medley that brought the first this Ray Charles's WhatISay as for the upsurge of the Ichi turn of the latter half.
It is good, and it is B, and standard rock'n'roll medley that can be sung even by the program of American NBC-TV in the future Johnny.B.Good it, including. It seems that it had atmosphere peculiar by one kind hard in other female vocalists at that time in the point of power in the black though the stage of the pink lady who is singing a lot of tunes of the male vocalist is a girl why. It is that the expectation did not attach this time afterwards either that the tune like the monster and The Invisible Man, etc. comes out in their hits.

Having thought of another one because it listens to a live album is CM song sung as their fan service.
The shower orchis and the National pepper are announced at this time. I think that it was a corner where popularity in their Japan is made to nothing but think that it is not the one both.
"Monster idol" Live done at new song "Nagisa's Sinbad" of this doesn't become possible though the pink lady is talked in such a word at later years the desire in a different meaning like the monster. A lot of power that can be called through the whole symbolize young is felt, and flapping two can have good feeling also in a faithful singing, and thinks it is straight and is basic to the world as for how to express the opinion because (*S) turns around when it was a summer positively promised at the time of this fire.

PINK LADY Challenge concert-First Concert-
The first concert and the final performance were the same days for the pink lady.
This might show the connection of something.
Stage in which it consistently aimed at the world from debut. It progresses to the one not separated gripping guest's mind according to becoming if becoming back.
There is no one as important for the singer as the stage.
It is because the fan is attracted and it is not possible to stop it if an actual stage is trivial no matter how the hit is seen on the television.
...good case.. what? more than thinking though had seen stage of various artists beforeSo I do not think the trivial one to be in a more trivial staging even if the song is good very much and there are a lot of hits though there was a thought case.
Even I who was the child feel the height of the quality only still when the ear is passed through a live at that time, album at that time ..in such...
The pink lady is "Challenge concert" in which the first stage had been stuck to live was done in Tokyo and the turf postal savings hall on March 31, 1977.
When Carmen 77 became 1st place of the charts, the seat of the idol head position was acquired, and it got on getting on, this concert was held.
Sticking to of the stage in which it aimed at the world is this stage seen everywhere.
Madly devoted fans invite the woman who dances until the morning and appeared in the stage in the tune.
Greeting after announcement of a lot of cover tunes. The opinion is firmly expressed from the stomach by the singing method as practicing it, and it is possible to listen to the utterance easily, and to take vocal also in the recorded feeling though they are the tension somewhat feelings in the indeed first stage.
Many announce the pop hit at that time such as black tunes such as "Lid tears" and "Sir Duke" and "Jolene" and "Take Me Home,Country loads" in this concert.
However, the world and having aimed at the pink lady are the medley of the tune of a lot of The Motown called the most popular Motown story.
Trying to do a mere ..pink lady.. idol sticking to around here and to market think that it sees ahead more.
The nature like the connection does on of Supremus (..Motown.. story) to last mysteriously ..around of bringing...
 schedule in the United States the third bounce was the keep Me Hangin on ..this...
It is goodness of the sound of backing for the end through the entire concert. It favors their vocal because of a really good sound.
Twining of the guitar and the base is politely performed with the horn section, and it listens and it is value only in listening to it one. .
The arrangement doesn't drive at this time and be ?. Otoco Maeta who comes to support pink lady. How of the charm of the pink lady in the concert to draw him out becomes big power of them who grow up from a mere pop idol to the entertainer.
The externals in which many of the cover tune are arranged like the pink lady think that it changes pink lady's staging more dynamically.
I think that it can digest the stage only of this in an initial stage because it turns around from recent still if it was not a free idol.
It does and the final concert in that Korakuen Stadium will be written next time of ,.

Good-bye the PINK LADY
March 31 might be deeper than that of the started challenge concert in the people of the fan the Korakuen Stadium impression of the final concert.
A regrettable concert Such an impression still remains.
Japanese news media and the general public did not try to watch the ends of women who had held out to the utmost as it was warm.
I am not looking at this concert though there was a relay.
Not being possible to see dependence is the truth.
Without the electric wave's entering well in the region where I live and having abandoned it are the truth.
It in real time thought of "Did you want to see?" aspect many times.
It was a retirement and a marriage of 100 rival Megumi that rose most after the pink lady had done the dissolution announcement. It was doing recently by 100 Megumi1 though the songs field turned by one o'clock in the pink lady preceding.
In how it to end without without the pink lady's rising after it retires of 100 Megumi, and being thought at the end of the superstar who left results like that, are bitter memories exactly the connections in the one to know at that time?Bitter tears.
No one might also have thought even popularity at that time to fill Korakuen Stadium.
The pink lady who had worn the one that clothes looked alike in the same concept as Candez, too did not have the aura any longer. (clothes that add Candez to Megumi Yamaguchi 100 and divide)Such the original world was made, and because a cruel end had been faced at the end of the pink lady who left the achievement not to be able to mimic, it did to nobody.
I thought it was in the first grade of junior high-school at that time when it that did not continue was a world only in goodness.
I seem to hear a sorrowful shout from this photograph though it is an one shot to which photograph and Carmen 77 of seeing it are desperately sung.
At the announcement of the main tune only was not hardly comparatively, was do a hit song, included the announcement of Kyoc the core to which it wanted to listen to the fan, and it was 4:45PM to get off as if the very end burnt out as for the stage though the pink lady at this time flitted to the slander of deserted doll in the age exactly. such a deserted dolls
The last concert : without showing nothing of the stage that is the symbol of the pink lady until deflecting clothes the Kirakira of a gay lighting and the sequin shine as if one event.
The pink lady dissolved Be not able it was going not to have become a topic even if becoming a new school term and to get to know whether the person during the spring vacation it.

This VTR is seen back.
Opening is a start of "Hurricane" of an original tune to backing similar to opening in Korakuen Stadium for 78 years.
It can be said that the desires of women who try to answer the fan from the convertible desperately are the starts that can be felt without reserve. Debut?To the stage while singing marginate I Love How You Love Me. Then, a true start was cut It passed over two sung to look back on being Dea of "Two people who came from the star" pink lady the current by the unison hard and I pass in the ear while making the pulse of impression groan.
d Such an impression is that OH. Two coming people did from the star or more, and the mind or more was .... spirited and done by Ki.
Hit medley after comment that seems that it might have practiced many times it.
It announced from the pepper police inspector to Nagisa's Sinbad by not full but medley.
After solo the trivial matter and each other(It is solo why though becomes solo anyway. It is because of the desire as frank. solve)It continues with B respect medley, the monster, The Invisible Man, and the chameleon army.
It is UFO, and a southpaw that fires the regulations glory period in rapid succession the megahit wanted afterwards.
It enters the latter half, and it is a pink typhoon, Kiss in the dark, remember, and OH. And, it ends by the goodbye song.
It sang hard in the last stage when they desperately answered the pink lady who performed it by two people what you sang rather than and it danced. The last shine is desperately shown and dissipation and the last performance are shown though that aura was not found anywhere.
It debuted and Korakuen Stadium of the downpour and a rattling seat and the reality were seven months every two people who had sung in none of stages etc. that were for a while of four too happy years in the looker-on though it looked severe. How much person came to make sure of pink lady's separation is not actually understood though it is assumed to 50,000 capacity 30,000. However, it is Hate though judging from the fan we of whole countries where it cannot visit the site, it thinks to be by 50,000 people or more.
However, a regrettable way to end this time thinks that it is rewarding in shape of nationwide tour after 20 years or more. At this time, eyes or they might have become two another degrees and pink ladies if it burnt completely.
Pink lady's stage is interesting. After all, this is understood also in this last concert.
It is not an entertainer in the world for mere show.
Because it might be still a concert of the pink lady that the sea weed of the fan is the
It is an encore tune and that Ralph's tune.
The disco sound by the pink lady after all can the good-looking digestion only of this though I Was Made for Dncin 'was sung.
It goes without knowing the time passage through all eternity now and willingly at the pink lady end.

PINKLADY LIVE!LIVE!This LIVE page has finally become introductory of live of this, too.
The environment changes remarkably in pink lady's activity period, and live written down now of this is done to have been done at time when the public's attention did not correctly evaluate existence of pink lady live though live of the pink lady has been put a lot up to now.
Naturally, how about the environment that surrounded the pink lady in those days with the glory period as for attendance though it fell by not becoming the comparison thing?
And, how about this person in question Me and Kei's frames of mind?I want to verify it.
Do in Japan though it was the colorful world in the United States when the pink lady starts on a journey to the Japanese cypress stage in the world in the summer of 80 years from the summer of 79 years? Then, it is a start.

July, '79. The world debut put on the market by 25 countries in the world including the United States single "Kiss in the dark" became a smash hit that recorded 37th place in the American building board magazine. ..Nottebigg.. concert was held by the power also in Japan in such a case.
It is a stadium concert continuously to the concert in the previous year's (78 years) Korakuen Stadium again.
It holds it in the Seibu Tokorozawa stadium this time, July 28,'79 at time.
About 20,000 attendance people. The previous year was too terrible, and the concert's being held in the stadium had pink and the feeling of alive and well whirlwind though the scale was only small compared with 70,000 person concert in the previous year's Korakuen Stadium. After this, two pink ladies are holding the concert also in Nagoya and a stadium each Nishinomiya.
It is beginning of event of 79 pink lady Big fighting spirits whole country running through concert.
It was a stage composition in which DiscoNumber such as Boggie Wonder Land of the hot stuff of the Dona summer of Rod Stewart who became a big hit in this year including sexily, the last dance, and earth wind & fire at that time was included in abundance, and it wished a further leap of the pink lady who had flown away to the world.
Of course, a familiar hit number is sung. (The latest single at this time is surfing Pirates. They are the last ten best hits. )However, be to be able to sing our originals "Kiss in the dar" to Toc in the stage in Japan that the impression was deep. Because it is a tune of the appearance for which they hoped.
First single cover "Pink typhoon IN THE NAVY" was played a part as priming of the concert, and it can be said that everything is put out and live of the pink lady who carries it out also left a new record. The stage composition that not only the tune but also clothes curvaceously put the world in view to the last in addition more elegantly might be true that can be visited from such a place. I think that it understands from having changed from clothes of the mini-main current when easily saying.

As many as two person PINK LADY faces this concert from the rehearsal by
the austere expression.
The world debut of wish and entering of billboard TOP40 of this and wish.
The ambition of the pink lady project single-mindedly runs fast to
However, it begins to cast a shadow from this concert end to the activity
in Japan.

There was goodness of selection for one of pink lady's concerts wonderful.
Sing and dance pink lady's strong point. It was a factor of this strong point's being able to cook a lot of good tunes well.
At that time, in the concert, singers who were called an idol also covered an overseas tune. Whether was the arrangement made like me however or not?It is a doubt.
(Do because it doesn't understand well?)
Might the feature was that the cover by real time increases from this Big fighting spirits more than the current concert.
Because and we (pink lady) also did the joining, it can be said natural selection.
The music of a new type like loved knock on wood and star love, etc. sings by pink and becomes a pink song, too. It is that whether parties concerned at that time had understood that it is height of their ability. It is not possible to know.

The PINK LADY says that she does the yell putting with the staff before the concert always starts and heads for the stage.
All are in ..going well... Is it a moment transformed from me usual to the PINK LADY?
This ceremony says doing every time though it is live the revival done by the limitation for 03-two years.
An important ceremony even too much.

What?It is the strained one momentarily certainly go up to the stage though it is a personal matter a little.
Do you speak neatly?Are the people who listen pleased?
It thinks. I always feel nervous, too. To tell the truth, surroundings throb though say "Strain" etc.
Is it because of seriousness of a certain meaning?It is not possible to know.

Therefore, isn't it still a saucer if becoming a professional singer?It thinks.

The desire said that the PINK LADY takes one's life in one's own hands to the stage, and it becomes true stage Singer and a true entertainer might be imagined around here.

Before and after the NBC television appearance 80 years
Pink lady's concert tour had not ended yet though the nationwide running through concert of
summer ended.
It changes greatly taking the opportunity of the appearance of the regular program of large work

The concert is held in Kyushu immediately before the visit to America in January, '80.
It was a content to consider the NBC appearance obviously though the concert was held as a sequel
of the Big fighting spirits.
They come to start on a journey to the United States immediately after this end of the concert.

Opening is disco medley that starts from known the knock-on wood.
Attention especially sings the pink typhoon according to an original tune, and challenges a new tune such as You 've Got a Freind sung back in the program of NBC.
It was making to consider the activity in the United States surely.
The original in the United States and Kisinzadarc and Danshinginzahorlzobrab, etc. are announced, and the stage where the show improved further taking the opportunity of the United States advancement does even the feeling in which it has already escaped from idol's region.
Last dance in Dona summer to say nothing of after of hit number and last.
Storenjarzhoen'wikis that comes for this and persons in question to release the single in originals as "Bubble" in the loved United States encore is announced.
It holds out though it becomes an activity left for a while from Japan in MC. It appeals to the people of the fan by the message of a be full of desire. It is a concert where even dignity as the entertainer in Japan is felt through the entire show.
...hearing.. of , ..charm... It is live of the height of putting the voice of vocal.
Still, this of regular of the television program of the United States and unprecedented large work d Up to now, even any other artists are pink lady who has entirely digested being to have done though it thinks the style of challenging the one new rather than again to be only pink lady's. It will be able to be called a miracle exactly.
And, there would have been two of the pink lady and time that had passed without what that being understood.
Having visited with the end of in such and the boom is this NBC appearance.

However, Kei got on by the story in the future and it was not understood that it was not a nature
at this point.
It is possible to sing. It is irreplaceable for them from what.
I think that I must be quite glad to go to work to the United States much by the irreplaceable

The radical change from this appearance in the last concert before it goes to the United States (It is necessary to visit America a long term for the NBC appearance) After it returns home, what is the one that they were waited for?

Turning Point(concert tour that spends every day of suffering)
Having greatly flowed in Japan when they are long terms on a business trip to the United States is dissolution news.
It is like fickleness and ? that the husband is a wife during the business trip. The husband who returned to one's own dwelling : to wife's sudden change shake It is at a loss for words Is it such feeling?
Popularity in Japan has already kept descending when leaving for the United States in January, '80. However, they exaggerated the popular descent during her absence and such a topic had surrounded a Japanese inside. As if, the article on the pink lady wanted to close all and became like the criminal.

It is an unqualified denial to attempt miraculous by new single "History of the world hero" after it returns home as for dissolution.
However, at this time d I think that the cogwheel has turned in the direction of dissolution since NBC performed unpleasantly. Work like miracle of United States advancement given popularity descending in Japan. Work is this United States advancement for the after of the boom end in Japan and them to accomplish two one in the world not given.
However, it was only ..remainder.. dissolution to work in the United States because it was not a getting on nature like being also in Kei's autobiography.
I am felt like when turning around now so. Therefore, when dissolution is declared, I think that the comment "Finished doing" was suitable.

Well, the composition in this JAPN TOUR TURNING POINT it like affirming such dissolution news can nod.
Mome ..severity.. thinks that is understood somehow in the discord with the office though the dissolution denial is done.
Thinking to be natural now is enhancement of a solo corner who Mie and is each Kei.
Originally, pink lady with high value as duo. When the solo of Me and Kei's solo suddenly occupy half of the show whole the vicinity though it visits a live hall by the sense because of two the guest How do you feel surroundings?
Title TURNING POINT : a different pink lady up to now d Is the power that has been cultivated enough in the United States though the meaning without reserve might be put?
I think that it was a composition without the method even if say from a trend of the age at that time and said, "Dissolution".
It does as a pink lady while doing the activity of solo respectively. Such a positive idea was the one in a pink lady at that time not at all hit on.
And, because it was not an environment that can do it either
Naturally, vomiting is not felt in the vocal of two people d The charm of the pink lady goes out in the concert before it inadvertently goes to the United States before half a year and the aura has not gone out enough of demonstrating at all in the concert after it returns home of this through the voice though it was made.
With this, it seems that popularity will not go out either. There is actually not Notteing. As for doing and ..listening.. Kei, it is as it tries to shake off something hard only by speaking ..listening somehow lonesomely.. ..solo tune such as CallMe of Mie.. nothing but. Two at this time suffered actually and were hesitant. Is a bigger chance captured?Do you resign?It suffered really in various interstices.
It is likely to go out of such a place with the reflection of person's mind.
The solo corner of this time is two route after it dissolves. Kei at the ballade center either of Mie sings a lot of tunes to which the beat works it thinks that it makes it perform in the pink lady at this time Mie one though is good each voice and thought making the best use of what should be done. Did the office side think about the directionality possibly though it did not understand?However, when that becomes now, too it has not understood any longer.

The release of turning on is told in the hall, and announced as a shade of meaning to which the dissolution denial is done with JAPAN TOUR TURNING POINT ..this.. ..YOU KEEP ME HUNGIN '... To dissolve was to have reported in September at that time the sale all over the U.S. it was likely not to have decided yet at this point.
Turning on is a smash hit ..YOU KEEP ME HUNGIN '.. number of known Supremes. It is a number that has become a hit as a self cover after Supremes.
The number of those Supremes that they are yearned and aimed is released as a self cover. Isn't it not neither a noisy topic nor the so much either?Turning on colors taking Motown from the first concert after it debuts and many of start Discohittotun have colored their stages colorfully if it reconsiders ..this.. ..YOU KEEP ME HUNGIN '... In directionality, a consistent thing with here is true to which it can nod.
Only the recording had already been finished, and, now, being the sale. To put a period in the activity as the pink lady, moon (September, '80) pink lady of the sale has done the dissolution declaration however.
It of what. What was the cause?Even the release of turning on ..YOU KEEP ME HUNGIN '.. at least thinks that it wants you to say though there is no method even if it thinks now. ..YOU KEEP ME HUNGIN '.. sound source of turning on that women who ..possession.. had become beginning blew in. Where why are you now?
?It is a common knowledge that the Kim wild covers this tune again afterwards.

It aims at Supremes and every day when it has grappled it becomes a period (period)
slightly d, too.

In the hope of you doing even if it is done that it finished doing when thinking only about this, it be only me that think in the mountain each other?

The TOP40 entering changed into Core for one year of the pink lady who really saw the future vastness in only about one year in the building board magazine in the summer of 79 years.
What for it waits in exchange for the Big chance every United States advancement and to envy is true of dissolve.
I think that doing came to the utmost of two at this time of suffering.
Was the transition of the near feelings felt in this concert of one year?

Not only Finally, because any fact of dissolution had the United States advancement d. (Do it contradict for a moment?Wara)Me and each Kei thinks me to be importance because it leaves the part of pink lady.


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